Motherless Child

Seventeen years in the making, Motherless Child reflects the vision that Adam Cole felt compelled to share about the world we are becoming.  This radically different take on the future shows an America irrevocably split into two countries.  In the Unincorporated States countless tiny communities full of disenfranchised “whites” have forgotten even their own history, while in the cities, the vast Corporation of the United States of America asks anyone not contributing to the bottom line to politely do themselves in.

With wry humor and bitter irony, Cole takes readers by the hand and leads through an intimate look at the landscape of the new world.  Fleeing a CUSA purge, Rosa and her parents are separated from one another while making their way across the Unincorporated States.  Stranded in the small town of Ascension where she is first shunned, and then embraced as the only child resident, all Rosa wants is to get back to her family. But when she attracts the attention of the vicious town boss Elder Oughta, she discovers her loyalty is more divided than she thought.    

Book One in the CUSA Series

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