You can book Adam Cole to speak on the following topics

  •      How to Lead like a Bandleader
  •      How to Get Past Writer's Block
  •      How to Save Education Through the Arts 

To book Adam Cole, please contact him directly at

How to Lead Like a Bandleader:  You want to lead your team, but you can't seem to reach them!  Adam will show you how bandleaders get the most out of their teams, and will show you how to translate that into your own workplace culture.  From anticipating signals to knowing when to think outside the box, the analogy of bands to business will surprise you, make you laugh, and change the way you do business.  Book Adam now!

How To Get Past Writer's Block:  In this fun workshop, you will become a freer, smarter writer.  Finding the balance between freedom and solidity is the holy grail of successful writing, and successful living!  Adam carefully explains how to find that balance and use it in your own writing.  Book Adam now!

How to Save Education Through the Arts:  When we teach students to think like a musician we are giving all stakeholders exactly what they want.  How do we make it clear to administrators, parents, educators?  How do we make it clear to ourselves?  Book Adam now!

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