"I want to thank you for working with me...I have learned quite a lot and am so grateful.  My show went great and I owe you a huge Thank You for your help."  Danny Feig


"My previous music lesson prior to August 3, 2014 was 30 years ago when I was 13.  This summer I decided to do more with my passion for music.  My goal: to be able to sit at a piano and have friends and family yell out a song which I begin playing as we all sing along.  One month and 4 lessons later Adam has given me the tools to start on my journey."  Kupe Kupersmith


"My kids, 7 and 10, have been learning from Adam for two years.  His gentle, non-anxious presence in lessons has helped them enjoy the process of learning and given them the confidence to practice and perform. I have loved watching them learn to improvise the blues! As a parent in a busy household, Adam's approach to daily practice is non-threatening and perfectly achievable even within our time constraints."  Noelle-York Simmons


"Our daughter has studied with Adam for a couple of years now, and we’re very pleased with her progress. Her capabilities on her instrument have expanded in directions I never quite expected. She enjoys the material Adam gives her and uses it very creatively. She’s grown not just as a performer, but as an improviser and a song writer, and Adam has been critical in helping her to develop these skills and to use them unselfconsciously."  Fletcher Moore

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