Songs For Elementary and Middle School Chorus

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A collection of songs for Elementary and Middle School chorus.  Includes sheet music ready to print, and links to recordings.

Code Name Games - Thirty-Six Symbol Recognition Games for Elementary Music

A fantastic method for teaching music symbols to your 3-5th grade classrooms.  E-book at Teachers Pay Teachers

Blues Improvisation for Beginners...and Piano Teachers!

E-book at Teachers Pay Teachers

If you want your students to learn to play blues to augment their musicality, increase their confidence, and bolster their musical knowledge…

If you have always liked the blues but wish it were easier to explain…

If you would like to teach improvisation to individuals and beginning piano classes, but are unsure how…

Blues Improvisation for Beginners - And Piano Teachers makes it easier than you ever thought it could be…

pdf and ePub versions.

First Lessons in Reading and Playing - The Only Piano Primer You'll Ever Need

E-book at Teachers Pay Teachers


What if…

Learning how to play the piano didn’t have to be stressful for anyone?
Beginners could improve their music reading gradually and easily and still get good at it?
Teachers had a carefully sequenced, systematic way to introduce skills students need to read a page of music?

The Only Piano Primer You’ll Ever Need makes teaching an individual or a beginning piano class more fun, more engaging, and much more successful!

pdf and ePub versions.

Solfege Town - Music Instruction

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Solfege Town by Adam ColeSolfege Town is the most exciting method ever created for teaching children of all ages about the musical scale. In an engaging analogy between music and storytelling, children can visit So, the musical bus station, go to school with Mi, and make their way home to Do. Throughout the journey, original and traditional songs reinforce the lessons. In addition to pictures and music, the author has provided numerous games and activities which can be used all year round with students of practically any age and ability. From anxiety-free hand-signing to a study of the blues, SOLFEGE TOWN will provide paths anywhere your students want to go.

Solfege Town T-shirts, mugs, etc.

Spread musical knowledge by taking Solfege Town wherever you go!  T-shirts, mugs, wall charts, all with the Solfege Town Logo on it for easy readability.  

Improving Postural Alignment in Middle School Chorus

E-book at Teachers Pay Teachers

What would you teach your chorus about posture if you only had a minute?  This series of five-minute postural lessons includes one posture activity for each day of the year.  Using principles from the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, students will keep the postural improvements they make for the rest of their singing lives.

Authentic Ways of Teaching Jazz

E-book at Teachers Pay Teachers


”I’m an elementary music teacher. I don’t know a lot about jazz but I want to teach my kids something meaningful about it…”

“I teach middle school chorus. I want a way to teach my kids to improvise with their voices and on the piano that’s fun and keeps them feeling confident…”

“I am a jazz educator. I need a powerful way to advocate the value of my program…”

pdf and ePub versions.

Notes of Hope - Stories by Musicians Coping With Injuries

Includes Adam Cole's account of his recovery as well as many other inspiring stories from musicians around the world.

Cross Training for Musicians

 Cross Training for Musicians is an innovative practice guide incorporating the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Body Mapping, yoga, and stretching.  Adam Cole contributed the Feldenkrais portion of the book.

Ballet Music for the Dance Accompanist

Thirty-six original compositions written specifically for ballet class floor exercises.  Also includes an essay on the art of ballet accompaniment.

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