Wine In A Mug

03:09 Download
Front Porch Session Players
Adam Cole


Wine In a Mug


E A              E         A              E                          A              E

If you didn’t build it then it might not stay (it might not stay, you know it might not stay)

If you didn’t build it they can take it away (take it away, you know they’ll take it away)


You know you have to want it or it might just lead you astray



            E     c#min     A 

I drink wine                     from a mug now.

E              c#min         A  

Can’t get a grip when it’s in a bottle somehow.

E               c#min        A

Wine                                from a mug now

E                                  A-A   E


E                                          A             E

If she didn’t love me then I might not care  (instrumental instead of vocal repeat)

If she was just pretending, what was I doing there?


I told her to convince me and she gave me such a terrible stare.






You never gonna get another chance now

The carousel don’t do another dance now

It goes around once

It goes around twice

The music stops, the pony drops


 No, no!  No, no!  No, no!


  E           A          E      A          E                            A         E

I never understood the things she did not say (did not say, you know she did not say)

I never could connect the dots that washed away. (washed away, you know they washed away)


My cup is overflowing and I think the bill is hell to pay



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