The Same As I Do

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


Same As I Do


c-                D7       g-       

Passed out on the beach

Woke up the next day

Eb7  D7        g-      Bb7       

  The sky is falling

Eb7          D7      g-       Ab/ Bb

You were out of reach

c-D7     g-

I was out of your mind


Went back by our place

Don’t look like you lived there

This guy is calling


Have to hide my face

He asked for you by name




         c-  D7    g-       Bb7

Why don’t you feel the same as I do?
        Eb7             D7     g-

Why don’t you feel the same?  I thought I knew you.

         c-  D7       g-      Bb7

Why don’t you feel the same as I do?

         Eb7D7  g-


Not a single trace

Of our lives is still there

You took it all and


Now I fall asleep

With the TV on.





Bb           d-     g-                                     c-7    F7

You can run, you can hide. You can’t take away what I’m feeling inside.

I still carry that.  I still cried when I

Eb   D7

Saw the picture frame with no picture inside




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