The Saddest Girl

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


The Saddest Girl


She only cries for her daddy

And for her daddy all she does is cry

Scrunches up her face and hides her eye

Tell me why, little girl


Are you seeing something awful

Or are you crying over something deep

That you saw when you were fast asleep?

Tell me what, little girl.



Don't let the bad dreams scare you away

Don't let the wicked world put you to fright.

Don't let the sad thoughts take your daddy out of your eyes

He's watching over tonight


The saddest girl

Come see the saddest girl

Only a penny, come and see

What the world's saddest girl has done to me

The saddest girl.

The saddest girl.


And now she's getting to know me

And now she's going off to school

And now she's saying goodbye

Tell me why, little girl.


It seems you were only small a minute

Then you folded like a butterfly and changed

The baby tears you're crying seem so strange

To us both, little girl.




Don't cry.  Don't cry.  Don't cry.

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