The First 10,000 digits of Pi

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Adam Cole with the Front Porch Session Players
Adam Cole


The First Ten Thousand Digits of Pi



<instr. pt.1 >


C                      F/D          C/E    F

   They say life does a number on you

C/E                       F/D

One that can’t be counted on

C                 F/D      C/E

    A slice of unconventional

F             G              a-

A mantle that we’re mounted on

C/F              C/E

Seems a bit irrational

     d-                               Gsus                       

To count your chickens                on and on


<instr. pt 1>


C                   F/D  C/E    F

  They say life is a circle but I

C/E        F/D

Don’t think that we live that long

C                  F/D      C/E         

   I think that life’s a triangle

d-          G         a-

Not the album, not a song

C/F                 C/E

It’s the needle in the groove

         F/C                  Gsus

That slowly, slowly             moves along


<instr. pt 1 and pt 2>



F                                      C/E

    So take my hand and walk with me

F/D                            C

Down that road that goes

d-7                               C/E                      G/A                                

     To the unpromised land and you and I


Can count

       G/F                                  gsus

The first ten thousand digits           of pi


<instr. 1>

C                  F/D         C/E                 F 

    The digits change, they press the fret

        C/E              F/D  

And unexpected tunes ring out

C                     F/D    C/E         

    We just continue on that way

F             G     a-  

Until the final string gives out

F                             C/E

Even though you never know

d-7                                 gsus

Exactly what the thing’s          about


<instr. 1 and 2>




If I had a choice I


Would choose to finish my


Little slice before I die


E-bM7   f-7   Ab   g-7  f-7  G/E





<instr. 1 and 2>

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