The Best They Can

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


The Best They Can


G   D/G   |  z  G   D/G  | F/G   C/G  |   %

G   D/G   |  G   D/G  | F/G            |   C/D


G            G7        C            D

    She won’t often say I love you.     Least not very loud and

G  CD          G

She don’t give him the impression /       she’s particularly proud

C      B/D#     e-                C      c-/Eb

    When they go out together.    It’s not her way.


GC      D

But she sometimes leaves a sandwich /      in a little paper sack.

G        C             DG

            She’s always ready to provide him /      with anything he lacks.

C      B/D#      e-                C        c-/Eb
She doesn’t talk about it.            She doesn’t brag.


D                                       C/E

She doesn’t always love him in a way he understands.

     But she does the best she can.


G            G7     C            D

  He can’t always make her happy.  Doesn’t always try.

G  CD          G

But he made the bed they sleep in, and it keeps her warm and dry.

C      B/D#    e-                C      c-/Eb

When they’re asleep together, he’s glad she’s there.


D                                       C/E

He doesn’t always love her in a way she understands


But he does the best he can.


Bb        D7/A      G

People sometimes talk about them in a way that isn’t fair.

Bb         D7          G

We pass judgement from a distance, just get close enough to stare.


Eb                F Bb/DB              E         F#

We ought to be more careful.  What do we know?


G          G7     C              D

So I often think about them,          and I wonder why

G             CD                G

They found a way to stay together         when so many say goodbye

C               B/D#      e-                          C      c-/Eb

Can’t claim to know the answer.       What did they find?


D                                       C/E           C/D   

They didn’t always find it.  In a way, I understand. 

 <intro, phrase 1>

  I do the best I can.

<intro, phrase 2>



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