See Through

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


See Through


Eb    Gb/B   |   (Gb/B)        |  Eb  Gb/B     Db |   (Db)     |

Eb    Gb/B   |   (Gb/B)        |  E    Gb/B     Db |   Ab  F  B/Db


Eb-7      Eb-6

I can’t hear my footsteps anymore

I don’t know where I’ve been

Don’t know what’s left to do

Don’t know what I should do again.


My belly hangs below me

My head is getting grey

I’m sadder with each passing year

And happier each day



Oh, oh, oh,


I see through the illusion of time


It’s not going faster.  I’m just slowing down.

Db/B    Eb

I’m not smarter, I’m just getting old


I see through…the illusion of time


(intro riff)


I can’t play my story anymore

Don’t recognize the tune

I don’t think I was really there.  I don’t remember

What it’s supposed to mean


My cleverness it pulls me down

Each time I try to go

It keeps me under water

I can’t say what I know 


I thought by now I’d have it all

But I’m losing every day

And what I had I’m giving up

I gave it all away.




Gb                     Db/F               ebmin

When you reach the end of the line


You can turn

B           Db/B              Eb     Gb/B   Db7           

back or head into the great unknown

Gb          Db/F                     Eb            Eb7/Db 

If you go back, it’s not the same         

Ab                        Db  

      The view has changed.  You no longer

B                     Gb      Db/F   ebmin

recognize the things you’re shown.  


(Solo over verse)




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