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Adam Cole
Adam Cole




C    FC

When we first met the shit was pourin’ down, and I did my best to shadeya
  FF          C

I tried so hard to do it and I’d like to think you thought that I was greatya

                   G                    F                                   

You keep / askin’ for more, / and now I think that I could grow to hateya

Eb                 D7          G7

       You and all your radiatia.


You chose your crooked path / you did what you wanted, no one madeya.

Every card you drew that you thought was a heart became a spadeya

You let everybody else take a cut until your little hand was playdea

And now you sit and radiatia.



You come to my house in the pourin’ rain.


When anybody else would know that you’re insane


I take you in and I saytoya


“It’s gettin’ late


why ya gotta radiate?”


(instrumental solo)




You got a lotta nerve to give me attitude and try to throw your weightya

That ain’t / gonna work with me, I ain’t gonna back it down, I ain’t afraidya

             C                            C7 

I ain’t / gonna let you stay,

     F                       F#dim      G7
If I can’t give you away I’d gladly



D7                          G

   You and all your radiatia.


(second instrumental solo)

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