Out of My Mind

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


Out of My Mind


   F/D   G7/D

1. Mid-night

2. Moon says

3. Fin’ - ly


F/D                          G7

Always comes too soon

That’s he been there too

Picking up the         phone


F/D   G7/D

All     right

He    says

Hours since


Bb                    C/Bb

Waiting for the moon

He’s in love with you

Any moon has shone


F7.9Ab/ABb7.9        DbM7/Eb

I’ve gotsomething to   tell him when I    see him

I bet you set himshining with your eyes

You don’t answer, you recognize my    number 

Bbsus/F   F7.9


Bbmin     Eb11

Wouldn’t want to  be him

Do you recog -    nize

I must be getting    dumber




Dmin/F  Bb7                    A7

Every single moment…you been so unkind


   Ab7        G7        C7  dmin6  

I  must be out of my mind with love, you know, I must be out of my mind.


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