Mama Didn't Raise No Fool

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


My political protest song.


Mama Didn't Raise No Fool


I'm a thinking man

You know I try my best

Learning Who to trust

Throwing out the rest

Lately what you say

Don't make no sense to me

I think I'll throw away

Our phony history


Mama didn't raise no fool

Mama didn't send no bum to school

That's why I never lose my cool

'Cause Mama didn't raise no fool


You can smile and bend

When you are in a jam

I think it's just pretend

I think therefore I am

You say that you're the one

The only hope I've got

I'm pretty sure at this point

You don't think so you're not.




I remember when

You first came round my door

I didn't like you then

Though I didn't know what for

But I've put two and two

Together and I've found

When something smells that bad

You'd better flush it down.




Now you've come again with teardrops in your eyes.

But there are things your tears cannot disguise.


Once there was a time

I was a trusting soul (fool)l

I'd pull a copperhead

Out of a muddy hole (pool)

When you came around

You were that snake to me

Now that I've been bit

I'm smart as I can be.

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