Jacob Jeffries Song

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Adam Cole and Front Porch Session Players
Adam Cole


Jacob Jeffries Song


It’s 11 PM and I’m drillin’ a new hole for my head

Yeah I’m really tired but I don’t wanna go to bed

There’s seven ways to do it but just one way to do it right

And I gotta figure it out or else I’ll be up all night


It hits me like a wall

Yeah it pours down on me like a waterfall

The way that I should go

The obvious verse and the surprise solo


Can’t I write a Jacob Jeffries song?


Well it’s midnight now and I’m still no closer in

Yeah, my great idea turned into a frog again

And when I say it croaked I mean I think it’s pretty much dead

So now it’s 12:02 and I’m drilling a new hole for my head


It hits me like a wall…etc.


Well it’s 5 AM and I think I made a big mistake

Cause I get up at 6 but I don’t think I’ll be awake

If there’s a god of justice you know he passed me by

Yeah it’s a long hell, oh, but it’s gonna be a short goodbye.


It hits me like a wall…etc.


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