Eighteen Bars

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Adam Cole and Front Porch Session Players
Adam Cole


Eighteen Bars




I’d been through


D  G  D

Eighteen bars before I figured out the song


D G                         A

Eighteen bars before I knew what I was playing


b-      G                      D

      I took a shot at every spot along the way but after


b-  A                                     b-             A/C#      D         

Eighteen bars…………I knew what you’d been saying.



G    A         D

     I used to cry.       And you used to listen to me cry.


G           A                                              D

     I used to dream of going out each time I saw you going in


                b-                  A                                        b-        A          G

I listened to the radio           to see if I could get a signal.       Ooooooooo



Static to the left of me, static to the right,



        My life was static every day until the night I’d been through





G    A         D

     It used to diie.       I used to listen to it die.


G           A                                    D

     It used to sputter and go out each time I lit it up again


                   b-                     A                                                     b-        A          G

No I don’t mean my radio           I mean the love we had between us.       Ooooooooo



Frantic cause you left me, frantic cause you’re right,


C               A 

        I went to pieces knowing we were through but then I’d been through 






There are two parts to love



The person you’re with






And the person you are


I’d been through…



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