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Adam Cole
Adam Cole




Life was scattered and dull til I looked down and saw your face

All the sudden I'm shattered and I don't want to be replaced.

You're the window inside my soul, the diamonds in my crown

I'm your angel, but I don't feel my wings til I've set you down.


When I wake up beside you, baby, the sun begins to shine

I can have anything that I want, but I still can't believe you're mine.

You took everything I believed and you turned it upside down.

I'm floating over the ocean and my feet barely touch the ground.


And when you smile,

It brings out the tenderness to me

And when I hold you in my arms,

I can't continue on

Who would I be without you in my life

What would I have done?


You get me up in the morning when I should be fast asleep

You stole a piece of my solitude I thought that I could keep

I used to dream with my eyes closed, curled up on my side

Now the dreams are everywhere, but my eyes are open wide.)


And when you smile...etc.


Before you came

I only knew

how to survive

and just get through

I was lost

in a haze

Until you looked into my face

Until you smiled into my face

I felt a breeze like a hurricane

I raised my eyes to the pouring rain!


I know these moments we have will never come again

I'm selfish and want to hold on for as long as I can

That's why I'm gonna stick around even while you're lying there

I've got nowhere to go and I'm not going anywhere.


And when you smile...etc.

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