Addicted to a Plastic Bag

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Adam Cole
Adam Cole


Addicted to a Plastic Bag


My baby is a wonder, now.  She wanders while I snooze

She helps herself to time as if there weren't none to loose

She fiddles with a cardboard book.  Its charm begins to lag

She drops it off and suddenly gets addicted to a plastic bag.


It moves like this, it folds like that.  It makes an awful noise

It's got such charm that she doesn't warm to any of her other toys

She sits and pounds it again and again 'til it's just like it was before

There must be something in that bag I don't see anymore.


I have to admit I'm bound to sit and watch her play all day

And even though she might suffocate I can't bear to take it away

Someday she'll learn to talk and sing, eat junk and salute the flag

But now she spends an hour or so addicted to a plastic bag.

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