21st Century Winter

04:10 Download
Front Porch Session Players
Adam Cole


Twenty First Century Winter


Warm, lord it’s warm, shouldn’t be so fair

Lookin’ for dark clouds, don’t see any there

I’m not appeased.  It’s the time of year

Cold and darkness ought to reappear.



What do you do when your world ain’t right

Dark in the day and it’s brighter at night

What do you do when your lady fair

Turnin to gentlemen everywhere

Pay no mind to the call of the hound

Everybody’s runnin’ as fast as they can

Nowhere to go, nowhere to stand 

Twenty-first century winter comes around

Twenty-first century winter comes around


Sad, lord it’s sad, cause it’s like a dream

Where everything isn’t as bad as it seems

When what’s goin’ on is a cryin’ shame

The devil parades under a different name


Run just as fast as your feet will fly

Weep like a baby to a lullabye

You won’t escape, sugar, you can’t hide

Warm rush of water from a changing tide

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