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    Hymn to St. Cecilia 


    BENJAMIN BRITTEN (1913-1976) 
    TEXT: W.H. AUDEN (1907-1973) 



    In a garden shady this holy lady 
    With reverent cadence and subtle psalm, 
    Like a black swan as death came on 
    Poured forth her song in perfect calm: 
    And by ocean's margin this innocent virgin 
    Constructed an organ to enlarge her prayer, 
    And notes tremendous from her great engine 
    Thundered out on the Roman air. 
    Blonde Aphrodite rose up excited, 
    Moved to delight by the melody, 
    White as an orchid she rode quite naked 
    In an oyster shell on top of the sea; 
    At sounds so entrancing the angels dancing 
    Came out of their trance into time again, 
    And around the wicked in Hell's abysses 
    The huge flame flickered and eased their pain. 
    Blessed Cecilia, appear in visions 
    To all musicians, appear and inspire: 
    Translated Daughter, come down and startle 
    Composing mortals with immortal fire.



    I cannot grow; 
    I have no shadow 
    To run away from,
    I only play. 
    I cannot err; 
    There is no creature 
    Whom I belong to, 
    Whom I could wrong. 
    I am defeat 
    When it knows it 
    Can now do nothing 
    By suffering. 
    All you lived through, 
    Dancing because you 
    No longer need it 
    For any deed. 
    I shall never be Different. Love me. 
    Blessed Cecilia, appear in visions 
    To all musicians, appear and inspire: 
    Translated Daughter, come down and startle 
    Composing mortals with immortal fire.



    O ear whose creatures cannot wish to fall, 
    O calm of spaces unafraid of weight, 
    Where Sorrow is herself, forgetting all 
    The gaucheness of her adolescent state, 
    Where Hope within the altogether strange 
    From every outworn image is released, 
    And Dread born whole and normal like a beast 
    Into a world of truths that never change: 
    Restore our fallen day; O re-arrange. 
    O dear white children casual as birds, 
    Playing among the ruined languages, 
    So small beside their large confusing words, 
    So gay against the greater silences 
    Of dreadful things you did: O hang the head, 
    Impetuous child with the tremendous brain, 
    O weep, child, weep, O weep away the stain, 
    Lost innocence who wished your lover dead, 
    Weep for the lives your wishes never led. 
    O cry created as the bow of sin Is drawn across our trembling violin. 
    O weep, child, weep, O weep away the stain. 
    O law drummed out by hearts against the still 
    Long winter of our intellectual will. 
    That what has been may never be again. 
    O flute that throbs with the thanksgiving breath 
    Of convalescents on the shores of death. 
    O bless the freedom that you never chose.
    O trumpets that unguarded children blow 
    About the fortress of their inner foe. 
    O wear your tribulation like a rose. 
    Blessed Cecilia, appear in visions 
    To all musicians, appear and inspire: 
    Translated Daughter, come down and startle 
    Composing mortals with immortal fire.

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    Life was scattered and dull til I looked down and saw your face

    All the sudden I'm shattered and I don't want to be replaced.

    You're the window inside my soul, the diamonds in my crown

    I'm your angel, but I don't feel my wings til I've set you down.


    When I wake up beside you, baby, the sun begins to shine

    I can have anything that I want, but I still can't believe you're mine.

    You took everything I believed and you turned it upside down.

    I'm floating over the ocean and my feet barely touch the ground.


    And when you smile,

    It brings out the tenderness to me

    And when I hold you in my arms,

    I can't continue on

    Who would I be without you in my life

    What would I have done?


    You get me up in the morning when I should be fast asleep

    You stole a piece of my solitude I thought that I could keep

    I used to dream with my eyes closed, curled up on my side

    Now the dreams are everywhere, but my eyes are open wide.)


    And when you smile...etc.


    Before you came

    I only knew

    how to survive

    and just get through

    I was lost

    in a haze

    Until you looked into my face

    Until you smiled into my face

    I felt a breeze like a hurricane

    I raised my eyes to the pouring rain!


    I know these moments we have will never come again

    I'm selfish and want to hold on for as long as I can

    That's why I'm gonna stick around even while you're lying there

    I've got nowhere to go and I'm not going anywhere.


    And when you smile...etc.

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    Addicted to a Plastic Bag


    My baby is a wonder, now.  She wanders while I snooze

    She helps herself to time as if there weren't none to loose

    She fiddles with a cardboard book.  Its charm begins to lag

    She drops it off and suddenly gets addicted to a plastic bag.


    It moves like this, it folds like that.  It makes an awful noise

    It's got such charm that she doesn't warm to any of her other toys

    She sits and pounds it again and again 'til it's just like it was before

    There must be something in that bag I don't see anymore.


    I have to admit I'm bound to sit and watch her play all day

    And even though she might suffocate I can't bear to take it away

    Someday she'll learn to talk and sing, eat junk and salute the flag

    But now she spends an hour or so addicted to a plastic bag.

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    The Saddest Girl


    She only cries for her daddy

    And for her daddy all she does is cry

    Scrunches up her face and hides her eye

    Tell me why, little girl


    Are you seeing something awful

    Or are you crying over something deep

    That you saw when you were fast asleep?

    Tell me what, little girl.



    Don't let the bad dreams scare you away

    Don't let the wicked world put you to fright.

    Don't let the sad thoughts take your daddy out of your eyes

    He's watching over tonight


    The saddest girl

    Come see the saddest girl

    Only a penny, come and see

    What the world's saddest girl has done to me

    The saddest girl.

    The saddest girl.


    And now she's getting to know me

    And now she's going off to school

    And now she's saying goodbye

    Tell me why, little girl.


    It seems you were only small a minute

    Then you folded like a butterfly and changed

    The baby tears you're crying seem so strange

    To us both, little girl.




    Don't cry.  Don't cry.  Don't cry.

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