Adam Cole

Few writers are talking about transformation like Adam Cole, a Jazz Musician Who Writes Books.  His straightforward, uncanny insight into the interconnectedness of things has earned him a loyal and passionate following.  His books help launch people to new lives and new ideas.

Each week, Adam talks about his own struggles with stage fright, improvement and the learning process in his popular blog series.  His many books on education, self-discovery and actualization offer clear and consise ideas about how to transform ourselves into the people we have always wanted to be.  His fiction takes us to worlds where characters must change themselves in order to rise to the challenges of their time and place.

Adam has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, and and serves as a regular contributor to periodicals such as UpWorthy, Transzion and Fupping. He engages with readers around the world on the subject of creativity and learning through his books and public speaking engagements.  Adam works as co-director with Katherine Moore of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts, and has been a jazz musician, music educator and choral director in public and private education for 20 years.  

Start discovering how easy it can be to transform yourself!  Buy Adam's books at  Engage Adam as a speaker by contacting him at 



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