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A wonderful and individual music school!

Hey Adam. Your composition for the Milwaukee building was wonderful and the performance, building and video all just fit so perfectly. Congratulations. -Chris

Thank you for your excellent analysis of the Fenders' cover of Folsom Prison Blues. I have enjoyed teaching this piece and will enjoy so even more crediting your insightful paper!

I simply love your site. I have never laid my often resting eyes on anything better.

Site looks great Adam! Best of luck with your business.

Love your website! It is awesome.

Hi Adam, I am excited to have purchased your donated time at the Peacemakers Camp fundraiser. I am a long time, but limited skilled, mostly a 3 cord guitar player and singer, but I know I could sing better with a little more confidence. I am 62 years old and have made it my goal to really learn the words to a lot of the songs I like to play and also think that is a good way to lessen the onset of Alzheimers! I am performing at Woodlands Garden on July 27 with 2 other much more talented musicians and would love to enhance my singing capabilities. Looking forward to meeting with you.

Best wishes on an exciting venture!

Adam, Your webpage looks great. It reveals your multiple talents and personalities clothes. You truly are Clark Kent a.k.a. Shupermensch! Keep all your sharps sharp, your flats, flat, and your metronome in tune. Phillip

I am intrigued with your book for children on music. I am eager to buy it.

Great stuff Adam! Never knew you had so much diverse talent!!! Great songs, great solfege methods, and a novelist too!

Thank u 4 enriching our world w/ what u do. So well thought out & such lovely composition.Your gift is not so common. Keep up the great work & we look forward to more wonderful stuff from u.

"He's Gonna Walk" is a fun song and it is nice that your songs include well wishes for your family. The "Lost Song" and the falling elevator and "boring" reminds me actually of those bottomless pits they had in old sci-fi films where you would fall forever, what do you do to pass the time?

cool duder!

cool dude!

Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!

Oh by the way your site is very Kool.....

Adam, I listened to your CD and I loved track #8. Very unique and fun to dance to. I enjoyed 1,4,5. I could see where you were going with the rap tracks but maybe not so much..... anyway track 8 was my favorite. I am going to listen to your gospel and will let you know what I think. -shonda

Thank you!Your site is very nice

Adam, I really enjoyed hearing your latest classical compositions. They are very stirring. I a can see some of them being used as the background music for a movie...very stirring and intense...always moving steafastly along. I'm enjoying your site. Hope all of the Cole Family are doing well. Much love. Aunt Marilyn

I like This site! Thanks!

Can't think of anything clever, but Adam Cole..."the eyes have it"

very interesting post!

Good site Good luck the web designer.

I don't usually sign guest books, but I read everything on the website and I am REALLY impressed with everything - the Feldenkrais, the fiction writing, the music, the photos, the nonfiction writing. I am (as always) proud to be your sister.

Way cool website! I don't think we ever had a teacher as hip as you at our school.

Really nice picture of you, Adam! I like the red and white here, too. So who wrote your bio, a friend or enemy, or you? It was good to see you the other week. I meant to tell you that we were sorry not to make either of your concerts. Why not have one in Gwinnett County? There's a nice civic center here now.

Hi Adam: Congratulations! Everything looks well thought out and well put together. Alan Knieter alanknieter.com 770.641.8735

Hello guys! I like your site, great work. :)

Thank you for our life and for working so hard at all that you do. I'm so proud of you!

Adam! How is it I made it this far in life as your friend and haven't been to your website before now?! You completely rock! Kudos on your plug in the Obie Alum mag, which is where I got your url (in addition to your recent email). I'm SO glad that your recital went well. You totally rock! XO Love, Darcy

Hey-o, good to see you doing well, Adam. Wish I could make your recital - my wife has a commitment tomorrow night so I'm staying home with the kids. SON of Nerd

Hey old friend, mazel-tov on your website! Great photos :)

Hi Adam, I'm not even sure if I ever heard any of your stuff, but I do love your site and enjoyed listening to "Never You". And because you have such a wide-range genre, I'm gonna check out your CD. I love your sense of humor and you seem to be a loving father, husband, friend, son, brother, nephew, and most of all I sense a mild-mannered Godly pirit. Thanks a bunch for your introduction, it was nice meeting you... Jean

Just thought I would say hello.

Hi Adam, I always knew you'd put something out into the world--music, I assumed, but books too? I'm an english prof. in Portland, OR & I was thinking of you the other day and did a websearch for you and found your impressive webpage (four kids?! I have one & am adopting another.) Hope your sister is doing well too. Your friend, Jennifer

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